The HKEOL Learning & Publication Centre is the perfect choice for students who believe that every learner has different needs and interests.

Our main concern is that you should be able to take classes that suit your particular needs, be it appropriate for high-school students, office workers, civil servants, business mangers or professionals.

At HKEOL we make sure that your level is central to the tuition you receive. Small classes are therefore important and a guarantee that you can work closely with your instructors. (all accredited and native speakers)

One-to-one tuition is also possible for those who value a more private setting which makes it easier to relax and improve the conversational ability significantly.

Our focus:

* Pronunciation
Make yourself understood in meetings, one-on-ones and over the phone.

* Writing
Write clear, concise letters, emails, reports, sales brochures, essays, etc.

* Speaking
Speak without fear, clearly and to the point in meetings, with supervisors, on teams with your clients, your teacher, your friends, during conferences and in presentations.

* Comprehension
Understand what English speaking people say, grasp their meaning and participate fully in the conversation. Follow movies and TV programs and enjoy them as if they were spoken in your mother’s tongue.

The training is given in our location at Kowloon Bay, with either one-on-one tutorials or in small groups. Our customized classes and tutorials are results-focused and client-centered.

In person. (not over the telephone)
Call 27994728 for an interview/appointment.

Fee Structure:

1 : 1

# Sessions

Total Amount Period Monthly Payments
16 (4 months) HK$ 3,200 1st  Month HK$ 1,600
2nd Month HK$    800
3rd  Month HK$    800
4th  Month HK$        0
Total HK$  3,200

1 : 2

# Sessions

Total Amount Period Monthly Payments
16 (4 months) HK$ 3,200 1st  Month HK$ 1,100
2nd Month HK$    550
3rd  Month HK$    550
4th  Month HK$        0
Total HK$  2,200


Learning & Publication Center

D2207 Tak Bo Gardens

Kowloon – Hong Kong

2799 4728


We offer an unconditional 'money-back' guarantee, meaning that if the student is not satified with our services, a refund of the monies paid will be made.